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Superior University:

Building Excellence and Fostering Careers

Innovative Study and Work Plans:

Built trust and confidence among students through innovative and effective study and work plans.

Steadfast Reputation and Integrity:

Maintained and upgraded a high level of excellence, earning trust over the years.
Pivotal Role of Rector:

Prof. Dr. Sumraira Rehman, the Rector, plays a pivotal role in implementing research and mentorship programs for student success.

Global Trends and Academic Excellence:

Follows global trends, introducing research and academic excellence facilities for students and faculty.

Entrepreneurial Mindset:

Introduction of the Entrepreneurial Teaching & Training Program (ETTP) showcasing the university's entrepreneurial mindset.

ETTP Goals:

Aims to train and mentor students for starting businesses, scaling up family businesses, and providing design ideas for the corporate sector.

Real-World Experience:

Ensures real-world experience through the 3U1M Program, encouraging learning in the open market.

Career Opportunities:

Students are hired as internees, trainees, or no-job trainees in leading marketplaces, providing excellent job opportunities even before completing their degrees.

Student-Centric Approach:

Treats students like superheroes, with career establishment being the top priority set by the Rector.
Superior University's commitment to innovation, excellence, and a student-centric approach positions it as a dynamic institution fostering academic and entrepreneurial success.

Join us at superior university Lahore and become part of a community dedicated to knowledge, innovation, and personal growth.

Your journey towards academic achievement and future success begins here. Explore the possibilities at superior university Lahore in 2024, where education meets excellence.

Institution Details
  • Founded2000
  • Institution typeprivate
Cost and Duration
  • 2000PKRApplication Fee
  • 2 yearsAverage graduate program
  • 4 yearsAverage Undergraduate program
  • 80000PKR/ Per Semester Quaterly Cost of living
  • 90000.0PKR / Per SemesterAverage Semster Fee


Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria for superior university Lahore in 2024.

Admission Process at a Glance:

Visit the Admission Office:

Gather information at the reception counter for a comprehensive understanding.

Career Counseling:

Seek career counseling from dedicated counselors to make informed program choices.

Test Registration:

Obtain the test registration slip by paying the prospectus fee.

Participate in Entry Test and Interview:

Attend the entry test and interview at the designated campus.

Offer Letter and Fee Challan:

Receive the offer letter and fee challan upon successful completion of the interview.

Fee Submission:

Submit the fee on-campus or at any branch of designated banks nationwide.

Document Submission:

Submit all necessary documents along with the fee paid slip to the admissions office.

Student Kit Collection:

Receive the student kit, including a student handbook, student ID card, and portal information.

Orientation Session:

Attend the orientation session to familiarize yourself with the university's facilities, services, and academic policies.
This step-by-step guide ensures a smooth and well-guided process for prospective students seeking admission to the university.
superior university Lahore prepares you for a fulfilling career at the forefront of technology, helping you to shape the future.
Get admission in any course of superior university Lahore in 2024.

Scholarship Offering

Scholarship Offered by superior university Lahore in 2024.

Scholarship Opportunities for Applicants:

Undergraduate Bachelor Applicants:

100% Scholarship:

For students with 95% or above marks in their intermediate exams.

75% Scholarship:

For students with 90% to 95% marks in their intermediate exams.

50% Scholarship:

For students with 75% to 90% marks in their intermediate exams.

25% Scholarship:

For students with 60% to 75% marks in their intermediate exams.

Master Postgraduate Applicants:

25% Scholarship:

For students who completed their 16 years Undergraduate degree under the semester system with a CGPA of 3.5 and above.

25% Scholarship:

For students who completed their 16 years Masters degree under the annual system with 60% marks and above.
These scholarship opportunities aim to recognize and reward academic excellence at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, making education more accessible for deserving students.

Superior Contact Info


17km Raiwind Rd, Kot Araian, Lahore, Punjab

How to apply for a university in Pakistan?
Intermediate Secondary School Certificate (ISSC)= (11th Class · 12th Class ) FSC Pre Engineering ,FSC Pre Medical , ICS , FA , A Level etc

Matric: Engineering, Medical or O-Levels

Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) + Statement of marks, or other official transcript. Each document must be verified and attested by Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC).

General documentation is:

• Matric Result or O-Level Result+ Equivalence Certificate.
• Intermediate Results or A-Level Results+ Equivalence Certificate.
• 2 Photographs (Name mentioned on back of each picture)
• 1 copy of CNIC of Candidate.
• 1 copy of CNIC of Parent/Guardian.
• Candidate's domicile copy.
What are the deadlines for admission applications?
Depending on the admission closing dates admission applications are generally scheduled.
Every university has its own deadline they all can vary from each other. Keeping track of university opening and closing admission date is the only key to secure admission. ApplyAce is the best platform to secure dream universities admission.
What documents do I need to submit for admission?

General documentation is:

• Matric Result or O-Level Result+ Equivalence Certificate.
• Intermediate Results or A-Level Results+ Equivalence Certificate.
• 2 Photographs (Name mentioned on back of each picture)
• 1 copy of CNIC of Candidate.
• 1 copy of CNIC of Parent/Guardian.
• Candidate's domicile copy.
How Applyace help student in getting admissions?
Our service provides personalized guidance and expert advice to students seeking online admission to universities. We offer complete support, including assistance with application strategies, essay writing, interview preparation, and more.
What should I do if my marks are less than 60%?
Please feel free to contact us for additional assistance regarding your online university admission. We're here to help!
How can you help me with application materials?
We have access to a vast database of universities, programs, and admission requirements. By utilizng this you can easily choese your dream institutions and programs that align with your academic interests and career aspirations.
Can you help me find suitable universities and programs?
Absolutely. We have access to a big database of universities, programs, and admission requirements.
Is it possible to transfer my credit hours to other universities?
Yes, it is possible. However, during the first two semesters, transferring credit hours to your desired university may be challenging. The process becomes more feasible after the 3rd and 4th semesters, as many universities offer opportunities for credit hour transfers. You can explore the possibility of migrating at that point.
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