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What is NUMS Entry Test?


The National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) was founded in 2015 by the honorable President of Pakistan. NUMS is a Federal Public Sector University and ranks 216th in the QS World University Rankings. The motto of NUMS is “Understanding and Improving Life”.

NUMS Test is an MCQ exam that has become compulsory to be taken by candidates who want to be admitted to the NUMS and some other medical institutes.

This test has become compulsory this year.  NUMS test is managed and conducted by the National University of Medical Sciences.

The candidates will appear in a single test only and will stand eligible for admission to NUMS in the respective subject group.


Why NUMS test is important for students seeking admission to Universities?


The NUMS test is important for FSC (Pre-Medical) students in Pakistan because it is a mandatory requirement to get admission to the Medical university. The test evaluates students' knowledge in subjects such as Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and English, which are important for medical studies. Achieving a good score on the NUMS test can greatly impact a student's chances of getting admission to the prestigious Medical institute in Pakistan.


What is the minimum score for qualifying NUMS test and does that guarantee admission to the university?


The marks required for admission to a specific program at a Medical university in Pakistan can vary from year to year based on factors such as the number of applicants and the overall performance of the applicants. However, it's generally advisable to aim for high marks in the NUMS test exam to increase your chances of admission to the Medical University. Typically, a strong performance in the NUMS exam, along with meeting other admission criteria, can improve your chances of securing admission to any Medical program.

In the NUMS test, the total marks are 180. The passing marks for the NUMS test are 70%.


What is the validity period of the NUMS test?


The validity period of the NUMS test is only for the year the candidate appears for it. The result of the NUMS test stands void after the admission session of that year ends.


What is the format of the NUMS test?


The test format of the NUMS test is based on 180 marks. There are a total of 180 multiple-choice questions. The test format of the NUMS test consists of four parts which are as follows.

  1. Biology: This part holds 70 points.
  2. Chemistry: This part holds 45 points.
  3. Physics: The physics part consists of 45 points. Based on basic knowledge of physics.
  4. English: This part holds 20 points.

The NUMS admission test is worth 180 points and has a time limit of 3 hours. The nicest thing about the NUMS admission test is that there is no negative marking, so don’t skip any questions and answer them all. This will increase your chance of getting a better score on the NUMS test.


Which universities accept the NUMS test?


The following universities accept the NUMS test:

  • National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS)
  • Al-Nafees Medical College
  • Army Medical College
  • CMH Lahore Medical College
  • CMH Institute of Medical Science
  • Wah Medical College
  • Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Fazaia Medical College


Is there any minimum qualification criterion for taking the NUMS test?

Candidates with a minimum of 12 years of education are eligible to apply for and appear in the NUMS test.


How can I register for the NUMS test?


Registrations for the NUMS test are accepted online by the NUMS. To register, simply visit the website of the respective university and create an account.  You will have to provide your name and other information. Make sure it’s the same name and information shown on your IDs. Fill out all required fields and complete any optional ones you’d like to. Determine the most suitable test center and testing dates for you and select accordingly. Upload a photo that meets the requirements. Submit the fee, upload the fee challan, and print your admission challan.


When should I take the NUMS test?


If you are willing to have higher qualifications after 12 years of education then you should take the NUMS test just after you take the final exams for intermediate. The test result will remain valid for almost a year for admissions. Early taking of the NUMS test enables you to apply to more institutions and choose the best one. You can take the test just before the college applications are opened.


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